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Changes in Living Memory

What is Meant by 'Changes in Living Memory'?

Changes within living memory is a term that refers to historical events of the last 80 years or so. It doesn't necessarily mean events that you or your child can remember, after all, what seems like just yesterday to adults is really the 'olden days' to primary-aged children who can't imagine a world before the internet - or even computers - existed! Changes in living memory is a history topic taught to primary school children. The events they study will usually be ones that have effected a great change on a national scale. Your child might study what life was like for people in the 1950s, explore toys from the past and more.

Toys and Books

What better way to understand change than to be involved in making the sort of toys children were playing with 80 years ago.  A time when plastic toys were rare and metal toys were quite expensive but wood was plentiful.

These are the types of toy being made